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Default Heirloom Tomato Plant sources in Tennessee?

Hi guys. I have neighbors moving to Clarksville, Tennessee this summer. They have to be there in late July. I have been sharing some of my extra heirloom tomato plants with them for several years. They are game to try anything. I am giving them a link to Craig's page because they have friends in Raleigh, so they can get plants from him if they visit during the spring planting season. However, if you know of a grower closer to Clarksville, maybe you, could you post here? It would be nice to make sure they get this info so they can start a garden next year if they feel so inclined. I think they will. They've been pretty nice neighbors. Will hate to lose them. Thanks.
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I am about an hour south of Clarksville. Since it is a city of about 100K, perhaps they will be able to find some heirlooms there. If not, I would be glad to share my leftover plants with them like you did. There is also a place across town from me called Martin's. It is run by Mennonites and they have a fair selection if you get there early in the season. I would also suggest that they have a look on Craigslist when planting time comes around again.

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Im an hour and a half frome Clarksville and would be happy to share if they cant locate some closer....Gizzard
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Thank you for the responses. I know they won't have time for a garden this summer. It will have to be next year. They will have 1.5 acres to play with. And if anyone has favorite places to buy plants, by all means, list them here if you are so inclined. When they get closer to the move, I will give them whatever info I have. I do appreciate your help. Thank you.
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