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Default strange white film inside my tomatoes

Wow, i just picked my first ripe early girl.....some prier had BER. Cut it had a white fusy film in one side of it. I sadly disgaurded it and i try the next one......NO.....the same maters are in pots with organic potting soil. feed with fish and kelp emulsions weekly ...when i noticed BER i started to feed with metanaturals organic calcuim....i water pretty frequint....some good news the third one i cut open was good.....the white film seems to be on the bottom inside the mater
Need some help
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Rick, maybe you're also having some problems with internal BER as well.

When growing in containers, I always lime the soil/potting mix with dolomitic lime as a matter of course (before I see any problems). When preparing the planting mix, I use about a cup of slow release fertilizer and ~3/4 cup dolomitic lime for every 5 gallons of volume. When fruit sets, I generally add a handful of both the slow release fertilizer and the lime, thereafter I'll add more every couple of weeks or so, depending on container size and how often I need to water. More frequent waterings will mean you'll need to add more nutrients.

Mulching also helps to maintain a more even moisture level in those containers.

Excessive nitrogen can also contribute to BER, but if you're using kelp/fish emulsions (low nitrogen), that's probably not the problem.
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Rick, I'm having some problems trying to visualize what you're sharing with us.

Are you saying that you have typical BER at the blossom end of the fruits? If so they can be anything from a pale beige color to the dark brown to black color most folks see.

And they usually are leathery so that if you were to enter the tomato from the top, as is were, you might well find the interior at the bottom had some white.

By fuzzy do you mean that there was fungal growth also associated with the BER spot, which can haoppen,

Suze has mentioned internal BER but that shows itself as a blackening inside the fruits.
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