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Default Burgundy Traveler = Large Cherry?

I have been patiently awaiting the ripening of my first homegrown tomato of the season. I just spotted it today. It is on the plant that is supposed to be Burgundy Traveler. I seem to remember reading somewhere that BT was supposed to produce 6-10 oz. tomatoes. What I have is more like a large cherry. I was just wondering if these tomatoes are supposed to be this size or do they start out small and get bigger or is it likely that I have the wrong seed. If it is a mixup, I guess it was done by the person who sent the seed (not sure who it was) because the only other cherry I had seeds for this year was Rose Quartz Multi-Flora and this ain't it.

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I have not grown Burgundy Traveler myself but it usually work the other way around. The first few fruits are the largest and they get smaller as the season progresses.
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I've grown Burgundy Traveller several times. It should be the size of a baseball-softball, deep maroon pink.
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