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michael johnson
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Default "Piccolo " tomato- I must finaly admit it might b

When I first grew " Piccolo" cherry tomato it at first didnt seem to be a hybrid, and there was nothing at all on the suppliers info in the catalogue that indicated that it was, however from seed that I saved when I re-grew them the resulting plants split into two seperate lines,

One was exactly like the parent plant and nice red cherries, same flavour-same everything, but the other line was indeed something else quite different- same cherry trusses-same plant growth etc, but the cherries were quite different- pale almost ghostly in colour and wouldnt seem to ripen properly for about a month after the others- eventualy they ripened to a sort of orangy red, and didnt taste quite so good.

Of the dozen or so seeds that I planted - they threw about eight reds to four or five of the ghostly ones, but I shall work on it for a season or two to see if I can properly de-hybridise it, its a shame realy because its such a nice tasting cherry in its proper state.

Of the ones that I sent out that threw these odd ghostly cherry types I shall be happy to replace them for some other seed no probs, as I always try to be fair with everybody.
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