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Default Dester vs. Pruden's Purple

I'm using Pruden's Purple as my tasting benchmark. That means when I taste a new tomato, I ask, how does it compare to Pruden's? I'm setting a pretty high standard!

So today I ate a small Pruden's, then I cut into my first and second Dester. Pruden's has a rich, balanced flavor. By comparison, Dester was milder, but with a creamier texture reminiscent of Caspian Pink. The peel on my Dester tomatoes was a little thicker than usual; I don't usually notice it, but on these tomatoes I tended to put it in the compost bucket. Dester was an exceptionally juicy tomato, though with few seeds and gel. It's a good flavored tomato, and I'm glad I tried it.

The verdict: In my garden, Pruden's was 2 weeks earlier, more productive (so far), and better tasting. I've picked 2 Dester (total 20.7 oz.) vs. 14 Pruden's (total 111.0 oz.).
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While my Prudens Purple tomato plants are productive and the tomatoes taste very good, I thought my Dester plant was as productive and the taste of Dester was better. The difference can probably be attributed to personal preference. Next year, I have plans for three Dester plants and only one Prudens Purple plant in my garden.

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Oh how I love Pruden's's my favorite tomato variety. I also use it as the tomato to compare all the others to.

I've never tried Dester...but i've heard rave reviews about it.

Have you grown any other varieties that compare well to Pruden's Purple?

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Hmm I have not tried either.
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Have not tried Pruden's. Dester for first time this year. Large pink tomatoes; mild but tasty - sweet.
Stump of the World is my favorite thus far this year, with Black Krim and Dester close.
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