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Default SWC question

i started two 22 gallon tote SWC's. put my seedlings in on april 15 and currently have 2 huge plants. i only put one plant in each container and they are both over 10 ft tall and pretty healthy.

i used the recommended ingredients with happy frog tomato ferts in a strip. i also used lime at the appropriate rate.

anyway everything was going great until this week when a couple tomatoes started to ripen unevenly. im wondering if maybe some extra water soluble ferts or some other kind of "snack" down the fill tube might be a good idea

does anyone add anything late in the season?

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Sun City Linda
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I had uneven ripening and white interiors on some tomatoes earlier this year. I purchased, and applied a water soluable "ripening blend" (High P, high K) from Kelp4Less online and had it in a few days. I had used 3 cups of TomatoTone in my Earthboxes and 2 cups of Dolomite with occasional Calcium Nitrate as snack. The ripening blend has corrected the problem.
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