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Default Low cost seed starter

Here is a low cost, low tech seed starting system

Center light Home Depot shop light c/w GE Plant and aquirium T8 bulbs $50 +-
Outside lights Walmart shop light c/w GE Kitchen and Bath bulbs $22 +-
(all 3 could have been Walmart, total $66

To germinate seeds. Turn one light upside down. Place plywood over light and add spacer blocks to allow 1" air flow. Place starting flat on plywood and cover with domes or saran warp. Works as well as a heat mat.

Soil mix: Equal parts peat moss, vermiculte, perolite, potting soil. 1 cup bonemeal. 1/4 strengh 4 12 4 fert in water

Center light
Seeds started Feb 10
Sprouts on Feb 16
Pics on Feb 24

Outside light
Seeds started Feb 19

As soon as sprouts appear place light 1" above seedlings. 24/7 (no rest for the wicked)

18 of the seeds were saved heritage, 8 years old and germanated 89%

Seedlings 1.jpg

Seedling 2.jpg

Seedling 3.jpg
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Looks like it is doing a good job for you. Plants look terrific!
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Those look like happy little seedlings!
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seed starting

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