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Default Aleppo chile pepper

Anyone have any info on Aleppo [uh-lep-o]other than it's from Syria, the city of Aleppo. Finding pictures of Aleppo is like finding hens teeth. Only found one pic and it’s not the one I’m growing. I think it was GaryV from KY that I got the seeds from.

I can find Aleppo to buy ground [seedless chile flake type] easy enough at several places. What I’ve tried so far has only a hint of heat, but it is the flavor which it gives to dishes that makes it excel for me. Any help figuring out if I’m growing the right one is appreciated. Thanks.
Here’s link to my pictures at Feldon’s website showing what may or not be Aleppo.
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It is a difficult one to find, isn't it? The seeds as well!

GRIN has links to 2 Syrian accessions Aleppo36 and Aleppo37, but no pictures. One averages 17 cm long and the other 12 cm, both are 5 cm across, all on average.

The germplasm they have is from 1949. There's a challenge for you!

I'll keep looking, but I see comments by people saying they have been looking for seeds for 2 years and all they can get is the spice.

Hmmmmmm.... Earl, I see an opportunity here for you. You too can sell $4.00 seeds (tongue-in-cheek)!
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Seeds are indeed hard to find, as the culinary powder is typically sold seedless - like paprika, which is fairly close in flavor. If you want seeds, and cannot find a source, buy a few plants, and save your own. TheChilewoman (in Indiana) sells plants. Check it out (you may have to wait until spring):

The - List of Chiles by Alphabet
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