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Default Heirloom Tomatoes from Illinois?

Since I live in Illinois, I was curious about which OP tomatoes were developed here. I've come up with this list from Tatiana's Tomatobase, but I'm sure that I'm missing some, and some of these may not be actually from Illinois. Sometimes, it was less than clear.

I debated on whether or not to add a tomato that had come from another country, but had been raised over generations in IL. The fact that it was kept makes me think it was well suited to IL, but it wasn't created here.

I'd love some feedback and additions/subtractions.

Illinois Beauty
Abraham Lincoln
Buckbee's New Fifty Day
Mayo's Delight
Duggin White
Bangladesh Heart
Speckled Roman
Illini Gold
Illini Star
Reverend Morrow's Long Keeper
Tappy's Heritage
Fence Row
Good Neighbor
Mrs. Benson
Harter's Oval
Julie's Red Oxheart
Slovenian Black
Amish Salad
Striped Roman
Big Bite
Big Red
Mortgage Lifter, Watson's
Lil's Favorite
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