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Default Ten Fingers -Dix Doigts ?

--de Naples.

This thing is supposed to be a tall plant, and I expected somewhat wispy leaves to go with the pointed paste fuit, but so far mine look like short oak trees. I've never seen anything like it. Short internodes, massive stems, and huge RL leaves. Is this what DDdN is supposed to do?
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I grew two plants last year, and mine were both regular leaf...This plant is sturdier than most paste types, although Hungarian/Italian paste, Martino's Roma and Aker's Plum Pink also have the stockier, shrubbier build...
Ten fingers is one of my favorite pastes...They are a tad small if you peel when canning, but that is the only complaint I have.

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I grew it years ago and don't remember much about it except for one thing.

It's one of only two varieties that showed me a somatic mutation, that is, a mutation in a plant cell and not a mutation that occurred in the seed.

One branch of my plant had still red fruits, but the shape of those fruits was completely different from what the others on the plant were and what they should have been.

Stupid Carolyn forgot to save seeds from fruits from that one branch b'c at the time she was growing maybe 700 plants and about 250 varieties and got involved in seed saving and just plain forgot.
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