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Default Good News on Carbon Capture?

Carbon Engineering out of Canada reports that they will soon be able to capture a ton of carbon from the atmosphere for about $100. The "going rate" has been around $600/ton. They foresee a day where we can be carbon neutral at an affordable price.

In addition, they have a technology to turn the captured CO2 into a cleaner fuel creating further savings.

Here's how the Canadian government describes it:
"Founded in 2009, Carbon Engineering is a Canadian-based clean energy company developing and commercializing two clean technologies: 1) Direct Air Capture extracts carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, and 2) AIR TO FUELS™ process synthesizes atmospheric carbon dioxide into clean, affordable transportation fuels."

I am not an expert in this area - but Bill Gates has funded a lot of this research - so I hope it's on the level!!
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That's a big drop in price.
I find it pretty exciting to read about the crazy (or should I say thoughtful and cool!) things people are experimenting with, in carbon capture and utilization. Last one I recall reading was producing carbon nanotubes or nanofibers out of the CO2.

Just googled and got this page - first article today is about converting CO2 to fertilizers.

Net zero emissions, it's not an impossible goal (thank goodness!).
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The bumble bees in my yard come in two sizes, large and small. I used to be able to grab and hold large bumble bees with my finger and thumb when I was a kid but I have lost courage with age.

I noticed this wee guy in a video clip that happened to be just in the right focus range. They like to hang around the parsley flowers. When the parsley blooms is when they show up here.
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