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Default Hope German?


Need some help finding out information on this tomato called Hope German. It was brought to TomatoPalooza 8 (2010) and is on the variety list. It was on the Pinks table. I liked the flavor of this beefsteak and took seeds from it. I grew out 4 plants this year. I disliked this plant at the start because the first 8 or so tomatoes were hollow inside an I thought I had a stuffer and wondered what had happined to the nice tomato I had had at TomatoPalooza. Well that changed the tomato filled out and has been productive for me as I picked more(never give up at the start). Have done searches on Hope German an came up empty handed.
Was Hope German a typo? Was bad penmanship involved?Did someone hope this tomato was German? Is this someones cross? Craig thought it might be a Hege German and looking at pictures it could be. Would appreciate any help.

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Default Hope German

Homegrown, My first thought was that it might be Hege German as well since it is pink etc. and Craig added his opinion as well. If it is Hope German, I have never seen anything about such a tomato.Perhaps you will hear from others here who recognize it as a variety.
Happy Gardening to us all!
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