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Originally Posted by peebee View Post
JJJ, are those gorgeous toms in your pic the Piennolos? If so, will they(cooked this way) also mash up as well as the ones in the video, if you've tried the same recipe? I bet the thick skins of Piennolos end up not being a problem, texture-wise, as the thinner skinned tomatoes. I hate the curled up thin skins when I cook fresh toms in my soups and sauces, and pick them out.
Thanks, Those are probably a mix of Jersey Devils and San Marzano, my Piennolos have been a good bit smaller, and may almost dry out too much @275 for 4 hrs.

Originally Posted by Father'sDaughter View Post
I've read somewhere that you need a dry, airy place that stays between 45 and 60 degrees. Your kitchen was probably too warm. Maybe check the temp in your cellar to see if it's a possibility for next year.

I've been wanting to try this, but I don't have any place that meets the required temp range.
I suspected temp and maybe humidity played a roll. To the cellar they go next year

Originally Posted by Worth1 View Post
Most of these folks just hang the clusters out on a covered patio to dry.
In the house is not a good idea.
Just about any small tomato will work.

My patio tends to get a little to cold be Nov, but that would be a sweet spot.
On other small tomatos, I figured there were some cherries that might work. The Black Verinassage was a solid little tomato for me, but fell to blight and sunburn before I could try them.

Thanks for the ideas you all.
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