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Minnesota Mato
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Default cold hardy pepper

Every fall I dig up about 20 of my 120 pepper plants and bring them inside for the winter. Most are crosses or wild peppers that need more time or something I really need the seed from. I only have so much room inside so I have to be picky. So our first frost here was more like a freeze and it got down to 29 deg. The next mourning I walked out to the garden and I had one plant that was still alive! Everything was slumped over and froze but one Eximium cgn-21502. I have never seen any pepper even close to surviving this cold so I dug it up and brought it inside. It has dropped some leaves but then started growing some new ones. I think I have a new breeding project now! craig
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We have one here in Texas that comes back from the root after 10 degree weather and a light freeze wont do anything to it.
Some times you can find it growing wild.

More than likely this one.


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We had a freeze a few weeks ago and I didn't have time to get out and cover or save anything. Most of the peppers dropped all or most of their leaves, but the Beaver Dam pepper didn't even slow down!

I finally got a chance to get out there and grab some of the plants to overwinter in the greenhouse. While I found several with a few leaves left, most of them were little more than sticks with no leaves.

I wasn't going to save those at all, but then I realized that the stems were still green and had what looked like tiny little leaf buds in some of the joints. I decided to cut off the dead parts and bring them in anyway, in the hope that they would grow.

In contrast, the Beaver Dam was full of green leaves and was still flowering! Think I may have to grow more of those next year!
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