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Fred Hempel
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Default Joe's Pink Oxheart

I will never clutter this forum with threads about individual varieties. But every once in awhile something hits you like a bolt of lightning, and a thread must be started.

I got this variety from Carolyn this year, and it has been growing in a horrible little corner of my tomato field. Everything else in that area is growing very poorly and is disease-ridden. In addition to below average soil, the plants are dealing with the fact that I put them in too early.

Joe's Pink Oxheart stands out for 2 reasons --
1. The plant is a vigorous vine that has strikingly resisted my (unconscious) efforts to kill everything in the area.
2. The big, plentiful heart-shaped fruits are absolutely phenomenal. As the description below says, there are few seeds in the fruit, but the flavor is fantastic. A great slicer.

I suggest that interested folks go to the source for seeds.
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