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Bodhi Peace
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Default Growing 5 Types of Eggplant

Day ~28 since transplanting. Varieties are: Barbarella, Nadia, Rosa bianca, Fairy tale, and Oriental charm.

So far Barbarella is the tallest using the central stalk as the measure. Nadia and Rosa bianca have very upright leaves that reach higher than even Barbarella.

Fairy tale is the shortest but is loaded with buds and was the first to flower.

Oriental charm is sort of a medium height with interesting wavy leaves that spread out very flat and wide.

Number of pre-flowers (or flowers):
Oriental Charm: 3
Rosa bianca: 1
Barbarella: 3
Nadia: 1
Fairy tale: 9!

I had a thought that Fairy tale might be stressed and going into shock, but the plant doesn't show signs like that...

So anybody want to place bets on which is most productive? My summers are usually mid-70s Fahrenheit with fog sometimes.
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