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Originally Posted by zendog View Post
I saw some cool purple podded ones when searching around, but didn't find anyone selling them here in the US. If anyone knows where they are available I might be able to squeeze just one more thing in...
That would most likely be Aeron Purple Star, which to my knowledge is the only purple-podded runner bean. The developer is a gardener, and shared seed freely within the seed saving community (and still does, although his supply is depleted this year). He specifically requests that anyone who grows APS not sell seed for profit, so it may not become commercially available.

I'm growing 16 plants this year. In a previous trial, some of the plants were green podded, so I have not shared seed from that lot. If all of the plants this year are true to type, I will hopefully have seed to share in the Fall. Drop me a PM if interested, and be patient. I don't check in here often, but will check my PMs when/if seed is available.
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