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Originally Posted by Jimbotomateo View Post
Mark, how many nights do you have that don't require heat?. Do you get summer nights where you don't have apply heat at all?. . Jimbo
At the end of May the heat gets turned off most nights, it takes the GH'S quite awhile to cool down if the weather is decent. If I get a rainy spell,I will throw some heat in them. I start them very early because I can sell as much as I can grow early in the season, for a good price, people are ready for fresh tomatoes. By the middle of July many people have tomatoes, we cannot sell quite as much.
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In my book, AK, you're a rock star.
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Cole, last year you mentioned cheaper low tunnels if I recall. You might be interested in these. $1,250 for a 14' x 100' with a 7'8" peak.Given the quality materials, I don't know if you can build it cheaper yourself. Watch the video to see how it works.
I ordered 2 and its free freight. They qualified for my FY2017 NRCS high tunnel grant.
I'm gonna grow day neutral strawberries under them this year.
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That is neat. I would call that a high tunnel, myself. I could build it cheaper, but not by much.

I happen to get a lot of wind at my location, so if it were me, I would look for ways to make it stronger than the original design. I don't see a 'hip board,' the purlin that runs down each side. That would be easy to add. The other place you want to look for improvements is the two end hoops. When a high tunnel collapses from wind, the end bows will twist and collapse first. It's common to make a diagonal brace for them, connected to the 2nd purlin.

Good luck with the new project.
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