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Default how deep to transplant eggplant seedlings?

Hello experienced eggplant growers,
I have never started my own eggplant from seed and am wondering how deep to transplant seedlings when they are transplanted to 4 inch pots...deep like tomatoes or at about the same level in the soil they already are growing like peppers.
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Personally, I treat them like peppers. Having said that, I do put them both a little deeper, but not as deep as tomatoes.
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Wondering about the same, as my seedlings are son to be transplanted. First time eggplant experiment. Looking forward to the growing process, but NOT to a possible aphid attack... lol
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In my experience, eggplant does not root from the stem to the same degree as peppers & tomatoes. I bury peppers & tomatoes anywhere from 1-3" deeper than the original soil line (tomatoes deeper than that if they have long stems) but plant eggplant at close to the original soil line.
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I transplanted a small Asian variety two weeks ago and it's blooming like mad. I usually do the same. I've never tried planting them deep like I do tomatoes.
Peppers I do just like eggplants. I pick the hottest area of my gardens for the eggplants, too. They love heat!
I've never had aphids or flea beetles on my eggplants. I know flea beetles can be a big issue but haven't seen them. I get a few tomato worms each summer on eggplants and peppers but not much else. I never spray them with anything, either.
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