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Default Squibbs Salsa

This is what I use and I got nice reviews from people.

12 Cups diced tomatoes, drained and add a splash of lime juice and salt and let drain

7.5 c diced onions, I use walla walla and red onions.
8.5 C peppers I use mostly hot peppers like Hungarian, Bianca, Serrano, Apache or whatever I have

2.5 Cups diced Cillantro... I like it

1.5 cups lime juice. bottled

.5 cups vinegar

24 ounces of tomato paste

28 ounces tomato puree. canned

cumin to taste
1 oz california chile powder
2 oz Hot new Mexico chile powder
salt to taste.

I add half the diced tomatoes at the tail end of the cooking, they are more chunky and don't break down. I use a vidalia chopper on all veggies. I can with a pressure canner. This yeilds about 2.5-3 gallons of salsa.... give or take on cooking time.

I cook on a simmer and bubble for about 75 minutes.
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