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Default Starting tiny seeds, like creeping thyme

I got some creeping thyme seeds, and tried twice to get plants started, but no success.

The other week I started some on a damp paper towel in a bag, and they did germinate but the sprouting seeds were tiny thin strands. I didn't think I could transplant them with success.

After a little more research I decided to start the seeds on top of some fairly fine potting mix, not covered at all, and I've been water-misting with a flairosol sprayer twice a day. I see a few green threads so far, hoping for the best.

This has inspired me to do a do-over on the culantro seeds which were also very tiny and with which I had no luck.

-- Ann
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Your post sounds much like my experience with several- one being Ornamental Oregano- others such as Petunias. I do online research before attempting anything now, and find that special treatment will improve the results. Some seeds need light, some need dark, some need misting, etc., etc. These challenges are what keep me trying ! Because every so often there is a big success !
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tiny seeds like thyme, oregano, mint, i lightly sprinkle onto my seed starting medium, and press them into the top, thats it. keep it moist, and in 7 to 10 days you should
have sprouts. you can separate them into smaller chunks once they get to be a few inches high, and tough enough to handle.

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I start small herb seeds in a shallow cake fashion, similar to keith's method. A strawberry or lettuce clamshell is an example of a good initial germination container. It is easy to scoop out a chunk from a shallow tray, and transplant when the seedlings get stronger. I overseed by a large factor to compensate for any seedling damage at the margins of the cake.

Its early, but I was just making a mental note to start saving lettuce clamshells for parsley and celery seeds.

- Lisa
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