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Default Chinese String Eggplant

Chinese String Eggplant is one of my garden toys this year. It was in stock when I ordered it but I see it's not available now. I'll still be growing Millionaire but it will be fun seeing this new one.

The eggplant is the seventh photo/description down the page:
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I have it too
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I'm going to guess it will be similar to Ping Tung in texture/taste. Some parts of China (most) really like the thin eggplants, and the longer the better.
If you guys want something good, you should get the shiromaru (white circle), a selection of the chinese green eggplants, I am still surprised these are essentially unknown, they are the top stuff. Lots of new eggplant selection there every year, someone there must really love them, I bet they are their worst selling seeds.
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