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Default An Eggplant Question

I've noticed that my eggplant plants produce best during the first six weeks or so. After that, the quantity is there (maybe even more as the plant is larger by then) but the size of the fruit is smaller. Does that happen to anyone else?

I'm wondering if I pruned the plant when fruit size starts to decrease would help. Or what about removing flowers to concentrate energy into the fruit I've let set? Kind of like thinning fruit on fruit trees to let the remaining fruit get larger. That may be the better option. Do any of you do this?

An experiment is in order this summer, I think.

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It does happen to me too. I think it's mostly about plant vigor, most OP eggplants just don't seem to have enough of that. I've seen in Japan that they drastically cut the plants somewhat low and this remakes part of that vigor (sometime in august).
My season is not long enough to try this. What I am trying this year is grafting, plants are already grafted mostly on solanum torvum, and one on (normal) tomato, and we'll see what that does to vigor.
Less fruits will get you bigger fruit but overall I would say less production in weight from what I noticed. And don't forget about water, they seem to love wet soil.
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I've noticed that phenomenon with my eggplant as well. There are just as many fruits - or even more - but the plants look "tired". That could be caused by age or nutrient depletion; but I suspect the cause is changes in daylength. I believe that as days shorten late in the season, the plant accelerates the ripening phase, to ensure that it produces mature seed... resulting in smaller fruit. When that happens this year, I'll prune off the excess fruits, to see if that makes a difference.
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