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Default Pole Bean Soil Temp?

I have a greenhouse and would like to know the minimum soil temp to plant Fortex Pole Beans. The soil is at 50f with lots of sun. Is this too low to plant? Optimal temp?
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A little too cool yet, beans like it warm especially for germination. Probably over 60F soil temp, but more is better. You could pre-sprout the seeds indoors where it's warm or on a heat mat to speed up germination.
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Soil temp of 60F would be better however if they're dark colored you can get away with 50F - white ones tend to crack at lower soil temperatures allowing microbes etc. to invade and sometimes you lose them.
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Jeannine Anne
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I have pole beans in my greenhouse. I started them inside and transplanted them about 3 weeks a go. they are growing up a trellis and are about maybe 20 inches now. I also put some in direct and they have just popped, also in the greenhouse.

I was actually testing germination , sowed 10 got 10 so they went in, it was the remainder of the same one that I put in the same area,,added to the plants. They all seem to be doing well.
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I'd concur with the recommendation of 60 degrees F. for soil temperature. In my experience, Fortex has good cool-soil germination; and in a greenhouse, soil moisture can be controlled. Go for it.
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I'd say 60f min as well. Fortex is one that I grow every year; the seeds are a deep brown. I never read that, about the color mattering. Mine don't go out until mid May at earliest, often June. I love those filet style beans...they freeze well and fry up like fresh, in my opinion. We are still well stocked from last year with peas and beans.
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