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Jeannine Anne
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Hi Lisa, nice to hear from you too.

Therehave been a few changes in my life.I have had to give up my community gardeh and that held a good few of my perennial veggies. I moved to my daughters property, there is a lovely 3 bedroomed suite in there which I liked but the the stairs got too much for me and so I moved into the into the newly built carriage house which we used for guests. The garden around the two houses is mostly lanscsaped but my SIL built me a row of raised beds down the only side of my house that was free, I did pop some of my perennials in there, however the truck loads of soil that we bought was heavy with sand and it was a little shady so it was a heck of a job to get much from it. I had a nice glass greenhouse put up and grew in rubbernaid containers last few years but my SIL has built me lovely pine boxes for it now and we have amended soil filling them. I grew my pole beans in there last year , in the rubbermaind and they were super all year.

This year I have very large pots dotted about here and there which gives me some more spare and I have large hanging baskets. So my kitchen counter is being Mummy to my tomato etc plants under lights.

I did save the walking onions and the potato onions, poor things have been moved 3 or 4 times now but they seem to bounce back . I have seeds for some of the perennial greens I used to grow, so maybe I will give them a shot in big pots.

So that is me up to date. My gardens seem to have gradually shrunk over the years but I am still growing !!

My husband died after 14 years with Ahlzeimers the season befor last and that sort of creamed me, but I have crept out again and hopefully wil be OK.We married as teenagers so it was a big adjustment. My mobility is poor but my head is in the right place LOL.

I am going for mini stuff where I can, so Tom Thumb and Little Gem lettuces are the first in. Peas are in huge planters and they are climbing types.By doing this I have managed to keep myself in quite a lot of stuff, in fact I took the last carrots from a box in the greenhouse just yesterday.

I hope you have a great season.

XX Jeannine

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