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Originally Posted by SteveP View Post
Taco salad does sound good. I am going to make a Taco Pie tomorrow while watching my granddaughter. She is 7 and enjoys helping grandpa do things. She called me 2 nights ago asking how to cook corn on the cob. She had two ears with her first bacon and tomato sandwich on Saturday after her and I got some ears earlier at the Farmers Market. She enjoyed it so much that
Day I let her take 6 ears home with her. She is very tight with her
Grandpa. : )
That's so sweet! I'm sure you cherish every moment. Have fun making taco pie with her!
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Steve that is very cool. We have a 7 year old grandson that likes to cook too.

Our 4 year old grandson just wants to play with a knife


I never know if it is our local grocery stores that have these specials or if they apply to other stores?

At HEB, pork ribs are on sale at very good value. A rack of St Louis style is $5-$7 - baby backs $6-$8. A rack will easily feed us for two meals.

Albertsons has Briskets normally priced $40+ selling for around $20. We bought an almost 14 lb. packer style brisket with a thick point and flat for just over $21 today. That's what we are going to smoke for the forth of July to feed around 10-12 people.
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Originally Posted by Nematode View Post

Thank you! I'll have to try that, sounds good. Have everything but the dashi and kombu, should be able to find them here or online.

Tonight was pan fried chicken and sauteed whole baby mushrooms.
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