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Default Winter Garden Winding Down

I'm bored. Tired of sitting, tired of reclining, in between seed startings, crappy weather, etc. Fortunately the rain went away yesterday and I was able to take my knee out for its first garden stroll. Time for an inspection with a side mission of pulling more carrots and scallions. Just the thing to cure the winter doldrums!

The carrot bed is getting pretty decimated. Yaya on the left, Bolero on the right and the last radishes in the middle.

I pulled some nice ones on the Yaya side of the bed except those coming from a 6' stretch at the end of the row. That is a known nematode-infected area and the carrots from there looked like golf balls.

The bed with the collards, kale, cauliflower and kohlrabi needs cleaning. The caulis have been cut and the plants are yellowing up, needing removal. Old leaves need to be removed from the collard and kale plants on the near side. Some nice collards to be cut.

The Blauer Spec kohlrabi's on the far end are later plantings, looking good and just now forming heads.

The Savoy cabbages are heading up. They're all supposed to be 'Savoy Perfection' (92 days) but I have no idea which of the three plants is what they're supposed to look like as I've never grown these before.

I'll have to do a separate posing about the micro tomato progress.
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