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Default More Fall Cleanup

The fall clean up continues. Yesterday the Colossus field peas were ripped out. Good grief, that one bed generated a ton of vines! Off to Mount Brushmore.

Now you see them.... you don't. Those are the September peas in the other bed. They are starting to flower.

I think the next thing headed to the brush pile will be the marigolds. They're pretty much done and all splayed out in different directions. I didn't see any butterflies stopping by them to visit so it's time. The autumn mums (I think that's what those pass-along plants are) are loaded with buds so the butterflies won't have much longer to wait for those. Those plants bring in a different set of butterflies including the first Monarchs I've ever seen.

The cool weather continues and I'm not complaining. Neither are the brassicas out in the garden. The next round of those went out to the porch this morning for hardening off and the last round was just seeded two days ago. Just to celebrate, I started another six pack of kohlrabi this morning. And so it goes.
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