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Default Moisture Meter Usage..

Hi..I am using a new wicking system and I am considering buying a moisture meter which I hope will tell me if my plants are getting enough moisture...I am using 3 wicks per drum and this may be too many but its easier to pull one or two out than to put them in...

Has anybody any thoughts on these meters ...are they reliable and what scale do they use....It looks like I will have to get one sent over from China ...Thanks for any info..Ron

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I don't think you need one.
look at my accidental garden thread and use outside clear tubes to determine water levels.
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Well, they are cheap. ~4 USD. The scale is relative Wet--Dry. Do be careful to dry and clean the probe after use. Never leave one stuck in the ground.

Worth's system is great for water level but I don't think it would be much good to tell how well the wicking system is working.

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