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Default help me out with some suggestions

So I basically got no tomatoes this year because I still had root knot nematodes in my planters. Please give me some ideas of what I can grow that is easy to grow in pots - I have 5 fabric pots that I just got which I hope will keep the worms and rkn out. I need something that will grow fast as winter is near - beet greens, purslane, sorrelle ? Anything else? I never got my gardening fix in so I am dying right now!!
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What do you like to eat? I love kale, so that would be my first choice. In northern California I've grown lots of vegetables in the winter! Lettuces, carrots, beets. Mache, peas. Fava beans, or if you plant later, garlic and onions.
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Join Date: May 2016
Location: West Los Angeles
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I don't get much sun on my patio anymore and when Nov/Dec/Jan hit - there's a max of 2 hours of sun on the patio so I need something quick growing. I'll have to try kale but it seems to take so long before I can harvest.

Carrots and peas don't grow well for me. I've tried them before with little to no success. They just need more sun than I have.
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That's not enough sun for much more than some micro greens.
They grow fast. Up in a few days and harvesting starting 7-14
days. Very satisfying. Flavor is amazing. Especially the herbs.

I have a few square 1/2 1020's trays in rotation year round.
Two trays with the smaller 4x4inch inserts for herbs.

I had a brunch tasting menu party last weekend and put the trays
on the table for a 'snip-your-own' salad. Can't get much fresher
than that.

Here is a past thread where we discussed various methods.

This pic from last weekend is sunflower, pea, and a
arugula/broccoli spicy mix.

I just give them a bit of liquid Fert about day 5.
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Any of the loose leaf lettuces, all herbs not just sorrel, like cilantro, parsley, chives, thyme, and Sage is usually still growing around here at Thanksgiving. Basil doesn't like the cold, so skip that. If you can find small plants locally instead of starting seed, so much the better. I don't know your area so I don't really know how much time you have left to grow. Very little will grow well with 2 hours of sun a day, though.
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Things that grow quickly in cool weather: lettuce, radishes (some less than a month), bok choy (or maybe tatsoi is quicker?), spinach, swiss chard, chinese cabbage, field greens.

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