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Default Beaver Creek Fire

I can't believe I haven't posted anything about this line before. Except that results have been all over the place from truly great, to truly disappointing.
The original cross is (Cowlick Brandywine x Sungold F1). It's at F6 now, and last year's fruit was great.

After a disappointing '16 grow Beaver Creek Fire was back with a bang in '17. Universally awesome taste, with some truly top of the line.
Good enough I was canning fruit from this line by itself and writing "premo" on the cans.

CSG FY 6-5(2) smaller, orange, EXCELLENT taste - orangish
CSG FY 6-7 big, red/or, lt Str, very fruity, T9, best of 6-8, -1, -10
CSG FY 6-7(2) big, red, t9.5

CSG FY 6-8 more tomato-y, t8.5

CSG FY 6-10 more red, cool faint Str, t7, do a few
CSG FY 6-10 t8+ very good! very cool looking, do some

CSG FY 6-11 t9, great!
CSG T 1-8 very early Dk or, citrus
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