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My great finds so far this year are:

Lithium Sunset, a beautiful yellow/red fruit - yum! Thank you for the seeds Marsha AND for letting me taste a fresh one in January

Matsu Express - what a delight! Thanks Cole

ISPL - yum! Thanks Bill

Sgt. Peppers, a big pink heart (with antho ?)

Garnet - a delicious brownish cherry

Piennolo - a tasty surprise! Thanks Nicky

Still waiting for more varieties to ripen.....


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Soldacki has that outstanding sweet-tart taste that I recall only from Russian Rose, plus a creamy texture. But I'm not sure my plant is actually Soldacki. The first few fruits are golf-ball size!

Brutus also has that wonderful sweet-tart balance, and it's producing large tomatoes.
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In looking back at General Lee F5, what I got on 2 different plants were not what I was supposed to get, a pink beefsteak. I will do another grow out next year of the 2 remaining seeds in the original packet for comparison.
Another new one for me that I love the flavor of is Ananas Noire. What nice sweet tangy goodness packed in this unusually colored tomato (green, black, red).
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My General Lee were a dark pink smallish beefsteak.

“The good thing about science is that it's true whether or not you believe in it.”
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Ditmarsher was a winner: despite all the cool weather, it proved delicious. Strong production as well with the deep flavor - bravo!
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