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Default My 2021 Garden

Hi all!

I've been getting back into the garden after some health problems and then 2020 happened *gestures wildly at the dumpster fire that was 2020*. We had a storm in my area that brought down some branches that damaged my garden fence in Spring 2020. I took the fence down and a momma deer and her twins moved in to my garden before I had it completely repaired. They were so fun to watch 😍 but put my whole garden behind. I did plant 5 or 6 purchased tomato plants last year and was not impressed with their flavor or production. We did however have a bumper crop of eggplants and peppers on the driveway!

Well! On to 2021. I'm growing loads of tomatoes to make up for last year! Here is my Tomato grow list for the year:

Early/Cold Tolerant
Red Siberian
I'm planting these out a month before my last frost date inside a low tunnel with Wall O Waters for extra protection. I started those Feb 28th along with my peppers and brassicas.

Dwarf Tennesse Suited
Dwarf Beauty King
Sleeping Lady
Dwarf Pink Passion
Iditarod Red
Dwarf Sneaky Sauce
Proven Winners Garden Treasure
PW Patio Sunshine
PW Bellini
PW Garden Treasure
Lizzano (hanging basket)
PW Goodhearted (hanging basket)
Tumbling Tom Yellow (hanging basket)
Some of these are for family/friends. The Proven Winner Harvest varieties are research for work. Growing my dwarf toms in five gallon buckets on my patio/driveway. I will plant these out hopefully a week or so (depending on forecast) before my estimated last frost (usually May 15 to 22). Hoping for more early tomatoes. Being in buckets I can move them inside my garage on cold nights. Planning on starting these seeds next week.

Ukrainian Purple
Speckled Roman
Martino's Roma
Amish Paste
Kenosha Paste
Supremo F1
Sheboygan Paste
Super Sauce F1
Napoli a Fiaschetto *growing for a family member
I'm doing a paste/plum shaped tomato trial this year. I've decided to get serious about sauce making. I always plan on making it with whatever tomatoes I have on hand and then we just eat all of the big and cherry tomatoes fresh. (We really love eating fresh tomatoes and I love sharing them with friends and family) I'm planning to start these end of March/beginning of April and plant out the end of May. I upgraded my growing set up (thanks to the local school getting rid of their old setup for free!) and I have 2 new shelving units with lights in my basement and 1 new unit in the garage (there is a fourth in my guest room but it's mostly full of houseplants at the moment.) My hope is that with all that extended space I can grow older larger plants and gain a few extra weeks of tomatoes.

Matsu Express
Big Beef F1
Fred Limbaugh's Potato Top
Stump of the World
German Johnson Benton Strain
Paul Robeson
Girl Girl's Weird Thing
Amethyst Jewel
Aunt Ruby's German Green
Orange Jazz
Sweet Ozark Orange
This is more than I planned but I'll either give some to a friend or add some extra buckets or grow bags.
I plan to start these end of March/beginning of April and plant out end of May.

Sungold F1 *grow every year
Sunsugar F1 *comparing to Sungold for the 2nd year
Brad's Atomic Grape *gorgeous, couldn't resist squeezing it in
Blush *grow every year
Black Cherry
Purple Bumblebee
Rebel Alliance
Ron's Carbon Copy
Kiss the Sky
Austin's Black Cherry
KARMA Purple Multiflora
Yellow Pear *growing for my neighbor
Sweetie x 2 *growing for friends/family
Nano Ciliegia *growing for a family member
I'm doing a purple/black cherry trial this year. Planning to start these seeds the beginning of April and plant out end of May.

Ground Cherry x 4 *I love making jam with these fruits
Tomatillo x 4 *these have 2 purposes, they're a great trap crop for tomato and potato pests in my garden and the fruits taste great in salsa

Red Currant x 2
Gardener's Delight x 2
Almost forgot these, growing them in my new cut flower garden for arrangements.
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