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Originally Posted by stevenkh1 View Post
Agreed on Perfection - I did grow some this year so if I see a pink/purple varient, then just *maybe*. I did go over to the seed bank and boy...I do not envy anyone culling through all those tomatos.
I could mention many people I know who have gone through the PC GRIN list, including myself.

The USDA site for tomatoes is at the Geneva, NY USDA station, so your seeds would come from there and if not there from the backup station in Fort Collins CO.

However, the largest majority of seeds that Craig L and I got out were either non-viable and/or X pollinated, especially if they came from Geneva b'c at the time they had zero distance planting between plants.

What happened next is that one person started going around the internet saying that everyone should use the USDA site to get their seeds since anyone who owed Federal taxes supported the USDA.

It came to pass that there were so many abuses of the system that they had to make folks jump through many hoops to justify getting seeds. And I was part of that issue re the IA and Geneva sites.

It also turned out that many of the more popular accessions were already listed in the SSE Yearbooks so lots of money was wasted.

At the Geneva station Craig L and myself got to know the main person there, I forget his name, and he wanted to set up a committee to review what was listed since many of the accessions, actually the majority of them, were outdated lines from breeding programs of years ago that really needed to be deleted/

He invited seveal people to be on that committee including some tomato infectious disease specialists, some breeders, , Kent whealey who was head of SSe at the time, but could not get money from the USDA to make it happen.

So the application process has been greatly tightned and my suggestion for anyone looking for specific tomato accessions to become SSE members so they can look in the YEarbooks and see if what they want is there.

Carolyn. who almost forget to say that , re your comment above about something that could be Acme but had no name, if so, forget it.
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