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Originally Posted by Wi-sunflower View Post
I had a total disaster with my seedlings this year. I use my own mix of peat perlite and vermiculite with just a little bit of a slow release pearled fert. I sanitized my starting chamber with a peroxide spray a couple of days before seeding. I added a fan on low as when the heater gets to temp and shuts down there is no air movement. Everything started out well. Good germination on most seeds. Got lights on them. Seedlings seemed to be doing well for over 2 weeks. Then suddenly some started falling over. Didn't seem like damp-off exactly. And I was alternating bottom soaking about every 4-5 days with daily spray watering with just water with some peroxide added. 1 pint to 2 gal water. Most were my own saved seeds that I bleach rinse before drying.

Last year I had some die before I started adding peroxide so this year added it from the start. Now I lost more than last year. I can't figure out what I did wrong other than I couldn't get them out to the greenhouse as soon as germinated because of late weather issues. But when we did get them out they continued to die.

Did I use too much perxodide and dry them out ?? or what ??

I'm not going to have much for market sales this year and not knowing why is driving me crazy.

Hi Carol,

You might want to give the following article on "Tomato Transplant Diseases" a quick read.

I use "Harbour" bactericide on my seedlings in the greenhouse at the first true leaf stage when I see signs that bacterial infections are present.

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They weren't at true leaf yet when they started falling over.

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