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Old March 23, 2019   #1
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Default I almost gave up

I've been quite happy with the pepper seeds I started except for 1 container that had no activity. Its been 11 days and nothing, so I pulled the pot thinking I'll do a quick re seed. But upon closer inspection I realized I wont have to replant as I spied a seedling just peaking up! Now my mission is complete and the next is to make sure they progress to final planting.
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Old March 23, 2019   #2
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I've had some sitting still for ~20 days, a variety of different "ages", but haven't given up yet.
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This year mine popped up in 3 days, but I've had them come up after about a month, too. Good to remind us all to be patient.
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Old March 26, 2019   #4
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Mine have been slow to pop up this year too as have those of several other friends. About 12 days on average this year. I wonder why as they've been treated no differently this year than any other year.
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Old March 26, 2019   #5
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10 of the 11 varieties I planted 9 days ago are up. Just waiting for Fish to sink or swim. The latter's seeds are 3 years old.

The room temps have ranged from 56 to 63 F. Using bottom heat.
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Old March 26, 2019   #6
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I planted pepper seeds for the first time this year, Anaheim peppers I just planted today. It might be too late, or they might never germinate. The seeds are 2 years old and I have them on the heat mat with the tomatoes, and they might do better with a bit higher temp on it if I were starting them alone. We will see if anything comes of it. Not much invested, just 2 dixi cups and a bit of soil.
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Old March 26, 2019   #7
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This year I have had pepper seeds spout after only 3 days and some that didn't spout for more than two weeks. Mike
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+1 on bottom heat! Yes, they can be variable.
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