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Wow, amazing! I’m going to try a few cuttings of my Petite Nigra this weekend.
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i grew figs when i lived in detroit growing up.
i got mine from my great uncle steve from sicily.
he showed me how he wrapped them with newspaper prior to
burying them for the winter.

fast forward, i haven't grown figs for almost thirty years.
a couple years ago, a local greenhouse had a couple figs trees for sale, chicago hardy.
i had to buy one for old times sake. i have it in a big pot that i haul down to the basement for the winter. its cold enough down there to keep it dormant.
the past year, the tree went from twig with a few leaves, to multi stems with a new
shoot coming from below the soil surface. we will be at year three this year.
the tree is still small. i do not remember how long it takes a fig to start bearing fruit.
i am thinking, maybe next year, if all goes well.
it will be a big deal for me to be able to pop a fresh fig in my mouth from my own
tree once again.

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Rajun Gardener
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The trees are loading up with figs, it shouldn't be too much longer.
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