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Default C.maxima for the southeast?

I’m pretty new to growing squash. I love c.maxima varieties, the drier and sweeter, the better.
Are the c.maximas more of a northern squash or will they do ok in the hot,humid south? We are in the Sandhills just north of the SC border, our weather is almost coastal at times.
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While I haven't grown it, I don't have seeds, and I'm in the north, Hopi Pale Gray might be what you're looking for.
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I live in the piedmont region of south Carolina. Our weather patterns are a little different and our unimproved soil is red clay but for us buttercup/acorn variety that grows well here is table ace. There's a more extensive list of pumpkins...jack 'o' lantern, howden, autumn gold, spirit, merlin are a few and the big pumpkin variety we can rely on is big max...I'm not sure on the dry flesh qualities most especially of the pumpkins but all of the above do well here from the c. maxima category. Hope that helps
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They grow pumpkins in central texas. It's far more hot but less humid. You just need cool nights to get big winter squash.

I don't see why u couldn't grow. You'd have to try at least once or twice to know for sure. A lot of us are on the border for zones and or are in microclimates that give some leeway.
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