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Default Request for Pickled Green Tomato Recipe

Do you have a particularly excellent pickled green tomato recipe?

I you do and you'd be willing to share it, I'd be most grateful!

Thank you!

Jay Paul
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Well, let's try this Romanian way to do.
Please excuse my language mistakes.

For this recipe do not use dark green tomatoes. For good results use light green tomatoes or (better) a little turned to pink. Tomatoes must be hard and in perfect conditions (no spots, no cracks, no hits)
ATTENTION: Do not use iodine salt


A. Tomatoes, enough to fill the jar(s) or other recipient(s) you have
B. Brine. Enough to put over tomatoes and cover them
Brine preparation: Use 1 tablespoon coarse salt peak. for every 4 1/4 cups (1 liter) water. Boil water together with salt. Take care of salt concentration.
C. Flavours and colors thyme, dill, garlic, horseradish (sliced by length), celery leaves, black pepper, bay leaves. Horseradish is very important, it is a must. The rest according to your taste.

Wash and drain well tomatoes and the rest
Arange tomatoes in the jar(s). Put flavor and color ingredients through them.
Jar ends with a shoulder. Finally put under this shoulder crossed horseradish (sliced by length) to fix the tomatoes.
After brine is ready, let it 2-3 minutes and then put it (hot) over tomatoes. Tomatoes must be covered by brine and crossed horseradish slices will keep tomatoes in immersion. Next day add more brine (if necessary), put the lid and store jars in cool conditions.
See this image

Good for eat after 2-3 weeks

Second variant.
You may add to 'C' ingredients the followings: cauliflower and slices of carrot, beet, celery (root)
See this image

TAKE CARE of salt concentration. The right concentration keeps tomatoes as hard as they were at the beginning. More salt is better than less, if the salt is not a problem for your body. If you have problems, this recipe is not for you. Do not try to use a less salt concentration because it will compromise the final result (tomatoes will become soft). Do not store pickled tomatoes later than January, they will become soft

This kind of pickled tomatoes are rich in vitamin C, they are good for digestion and immune system, but they are forbidden to those with severe kidney disease or those with hypertension.
Knowledge is knowing the tomato is a fruit, wisdom is not putting in your fruit salad

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Tomatoville only allows canning recipes that include processing times in a bath water canner. Pouring a hot brine over garden vegetables and putting on a shelf instead of refrigerating would not be considered safe. Please keep this in mind when posting recipes. ;-))

Now an Oregon gal
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