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Default Tomato list 2017 report

Season was great. Every time I tell myself I have plenty of excellent performers and sure enough new favorites come along...

Anna Russian- repeat, poor results this year again, seed from good sources...

Belarusian heart- great taste, decent results. I have more productive hearts

Mazarini- early, lots, behaves as det, very compact, large hearts. Probably container just as good

Mont Athos- started early midseason and did produce large hearts all the way till now. Def taste superb

Orange Minsk heart Indet. Delicious sweet flavor True dat. Not uber productive but very tasty

Danko-Det. plants with wispy regular leaf foliage produce red heart-shaped fruit, 5-10 oz. Delicious flavor, container this year again, great heart and keeper

Medvezhia Lapa -indet., regular leaf compact plant with high yield of bright red beefsteak fruits, mostly in 5-12 oz range, most fruits are blemish-free, juicy, non-sweet, Yep, all that. Good one

Bulgarian Tozala Egpu- Indet, more acidic than sweet. Works for containers too. Nice round type slicer. Productive.

Black- Indet. plants with regular leaf foliage. 8-18 oz purple-black beefsteaks are very meaty and juicy, with delicious full flavor. Very very nice and productive.

Rebel Yell- Midseason, productive, tasty.

Burcham's New generation- midseason, slicer, very nice.

Weisnict's Ukrainian ndet., potato leaf plant, high yields of irregularly shaped pink beefsteaks of medium size, 8-10 oz, excellent sweet flavor, very meaty flesh with very few seeds. Superb. Loved it. Probably a week later than Ukrainian vining

Matsu express- was as early as Maya and Sion. Productive and tasty. Winner.

Tarasenko 6-indet., first ones were bigger, then smaller rounds. Juicy, with very good flavor, more sweet than acidic. 5-10 oz Winner. Keeper. Very god find!

Ganti -Indet., regular leaf plants produce perfectly round and uniform bright red fruits, 4-8 oz. Excellent full tomato flavor. Your typical midseason all around good tomato.

Stuhmer - no go, stunted plant with one single albeit very large tomato... TBC

Blue River -something happened early, will need to repeat, but taste was great

Perito Italian . Fruits are so meaty and juicy, with narrow seed locules and very few seeds, which makes it difficult to collect lots of seeds. Excellent sweet flavor. Outstanding plum-shaped slicer tomato OMG OMG OMG Keeper.

Tom Patti's Italian Paste large indet., regular leaf plant, high yield of pear to bomb-shaped red tomatoes, 4-10 oz, juicy and sweet, excellent taste, I wouldn't call it a paste tomato. Loved it.

Marge Polish pride Indet., vigorous potato leaf plants. Nice old grandma style beefs, not that sweet though...

Arkashin Indet., Late for me with huge beefs. Am not sure I tasted one yet

Chagbka Mid-early. Compact indet. (or semi-det.?), regular leaf, medium size red round oblate fruit, blemish free and perfectly shaped. 3-6 oz. Good for containers.

Jutland Indet. Huge plants with lots of oval tomatoes, great repeat. Not very dry but good for multipurpose

Adelia Indet., Uber productive and very good tasting, round to beef looking, juicy.

Kenosha paste-Huge plant, excellent taste.

Cole- poor results, puny plants

Damskie Palchiki aka Lady fingers. HUGE plant. Very tall and vigorous plants with regular leaf foliage. Fruits are red and plum-shaped, 2-4 oz, with excellent sweet flavor. It is a great canner, or can be used fresh in salads. You want Opalka on steroids...

Italian plum-- not sure whee plum comes is but it is fantastic tomato. Got seeds from Tania

Yagodka- first one. Container, uber early, not sweet cherry, really refreshing taste. Keeper.

Zagadka- container, more midseason, still cooking, round, great taste. Keeper.

Gruntovwy- should be early but was planted for late second sowing so just now comes in. Productive, probably det. Good for containers.

Orange Misk Indet., regular leaf plants. Orange beefsteaks with meaty and juicy flesh, 6-14 oz. Excellent rich flavor. Decent in production

Novosaksiy Jabuchar Compact indet. plants. 6-10 oz, round and oblate red fruits with smooth shoulders. Firm midseason in container. Delicious full flavor, with an acidic bite. Juicy flesh. Keeper

Slavic Masterpiece 70-80 days, indet., regular leaf, 4-8 oz red fruit. Vigorous and productive 6 ft plants. Good tomato taste, even sweet acid balance, no splits. Keeper.

Ukrainian vining Tall indet. plants with regular leaf foliage. Large pink beefsteak fruits, 10-16 oz, very juicy, with many small seed chambers typical for large beefsteak tomatoes. Excellent tomato flavor with an acidic undertone Loved it loved it loved it

Russian Persimmon- Productive and excellent, on earlier midseason side

Barlow Jap- Great midseason tomato. Keeper

Raspberry Supreme-Indet. plants with regular foliage, large pink beefsteak fruits with meaty flesh and outstanding sweet flavor. 12-16 oz Repeat from last year. Superb.

JD C tex indet.,was early enough and plenty enough. Def keeper.

Captain Lucky, Very productive. Taste I like Malakhite box better.

Uluru ochre- great container plant, not early, great taste, mine was orange, just muddy orange

Brandywine cherry- not here not there. Too big for cherry too small for decent tomato

Esterina 1- was sweetest yellow

Sweet aperitif F1, more currant, abundant

Returning varieties

Marianne peace- planted late, and is later plant to begin with, no ripe tomatoes yet

Missouri pink love apple- as usual fantastic plant. Superproductive and tasty

Noire Charbonneuse- would not be without one.

Blue Sky-Productive and tasty. Not as great in containers.

Indian Stripe- nuf said, keeper.

Nikolaevna- great tomatoes

Earl Faux- superb as usual, keeper

Crnkovic Yugosavian- did not do as well in contaiers, still keeper

Altai Orange- was one of the earlier ones again, great full taste

GGWT- superb again.

Malachite box- one of my bicolor GWR faves. So juicy.

Lithuanian-Large indet., potato leaf, large pink beefsteaks, outstanding sweet flavor, meaty, not a lot of seeds, very beautiful. Very good yield. Excellent sweet flavor at any stage of ripeness. Keeper as usual.

Maya and Sion Airdrie Classic - keeper. Early and tasty and productive.

Bychiy Lob- container, good results as last year but open field production is better.

Bychiy Myod- heart for containers, very very tasty.

Kukla Portuguese Indet., potato leaf, Keeper as usual

Guido- does not do as well in containers. Red beef with excellent taste.

George Detskias. Red somewhat fluted, keeper. Early and productive.

tomatoes Russian Persimon, Litvuanian, and Ukrainian vining with Tom Patti
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Italian plum, Tom Patti's italian paste, Earl Faux, Nikolaevna
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Thank you for the great report on all your varieties. Excellent photos too.

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Beautiful photos! I'm looking for a new paste tomato so I'll be looking for some you mentioned. Viva Italia was a favorite but it doesn't seem the same.
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Thanks for you wonderful descriptions and reviews of your tomatoes. Nice job.
~ Patti ~
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Great report! I glean new info every year on varieties that might grow here.
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Thanks for this detailed report - a joy to read!
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What a fun read - nice pictures & great information, thanks! You have definitely given me a few names to look into.

Happy harvesting!
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I sure enjoyed reading that. Many thanks for sharing.
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Thanks - as usual very interested to read your reports! Sounds like you had a good season.
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Thanks for posting your list, I really enjoy hearing current opinions from this season's growers. Nice bunch of tomatoes!

I grew Altaiskiy Oranzhevyi from Tatania's this year, I'm thinking that is the same as your Altai Orange? Mine was really productive, but the fruits were really large, many around 1lb and very midseason, not early. It did have one early tomato, which had rough scarred skin on the top half and tasted terrible, but later tomatoes were very good. I'd grow it again,if it was earlier.

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Thanks so much for the excellent report. Beautiful photos too.
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Yes, season was very good considering I had to spend a lot of time at perennial gardens this year.
Altai Orange is the same/ my short version on name change as orange spelling in Russian is painful/ and is one of the earlier for me. Still not uber early but not too far from Indian Stripe and ahead of GGWT by about a week. Seed from Tania.
My uber early was Yagodka, planted in container on south side of the house May 20, first ripe fruit June 27.
That container group worked very well as Yagodka produced for about 3-4 weeks and then went away as all det do.
Two other containers in same area were Zagadka, golfball sized red which started mid July and then last was Novosadsky Jabuchar, red about tennis ball size they both still going strong.
Maya and Sion and Matsu express were at same time as Indian Stripe.
Adelia was probably most productive plant out of all of them although I did have great consistency in production and did not weight anything so just by look. plant was loaded. My tomatoes were a tad bigger than Tania shows, specially early ones.

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Striped sweetheart dark and Russian Queen. Both very tasty and keepers
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Great list...
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