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Rajun Gardener
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Originally Posted by Worth1 View Post
Try it with frozen lard instead of Crisco.
Not trying to be food police but Crisco is not good for people.
Loaded with trans fats.
Another tip is to use flour from the freezer.

Yes the biscuits do look nice.
I need to find lard and try it. I do have frozen bacon grease in the freezer I use for cornbread, maybe I need to make a batch with that. Bacon/butter flavored biscuits, how can that be bad?

I do put the bowl and flour in the freezer along with the buttermilk for a while to chill before mixing.

I also use powdered buttermilk since I don't use it often and it's almost as good as the real thing.
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They sell industrial lard at the store.
Not as good as homemade but in my humble opinion a far cry better than Crisco.
Happy Fermenting.
I Texas.
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