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Default HaHaHa-Gotta Love Alton Brown!

His episode on garlic.
In the spring
at the end of the day
you should smell like dirt

~Margaret Atwood~

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Rockporter, I watched most of interrupted several times. Love fresh garlic and onions.
Salt, AlittleSalt, Robert
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Originally Posted by Father'sDaughter View Post
I recently read a few articles (NPR) and blog posts on the theme of "Who killed lard?" In a quest to find something to do with the cotton seed, Proctor and Gamble found a way to extract the oil and hydrogenate it, which gave birth to Crisco -- short for Crystalized Cotton Seed.
Cotton seed oil was once used as the oil base to suspend colored pigment in too manufacturer paint. Cotton seed oil didn't evaporate as fast as hydrocarbon based oils so the paint would last longer on houses. I think most commercial paints today use hydrocarbon based resins instead of oil to make paint.

You still find cottonseed oil listed as an ingredient in some food products. If I remember correctly, cotton seed contains a toxic substance which can harm humans and animals. They somehow neutralize or remove that substance to make the oil and meal non toxic for humans and animals.
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I have never seen cottonseed oil used in paint.
It is a nondrying oil and unsuitable for it from everything I have read and done.
Not saying it hasn't been just never seen it.
It is used in cooking, soaps, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics though.
What I have seen and used is Linseed aka Flax and Tung oil.
Both of these oils go back hundreds if not thousands of years being used in paints and varnishes along with the use of turpentine as a solvent drier.

I used to buy Lou Ana cotton seed oil all the time for cooking.
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