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Default Growing chilis more than one season

I grew some calabrian chili plants in pots last year and they produced fairly well. Then, when weather cooled down, I cut them back, and they grew back a bit and produced a little fruit, but not much - I gave them some dynagro foliage pro with every 2-3 waterings. Sadly I've had bad luck this year with chili seeds not germinating, and if they did, just basically remained stagnant with the cotyledon leaves and never really grew past that.

Given this, is it worth it to continue trying to grow the potted chilis? I haven't found enough information to see if second, third, etc year old chili plants actually can produce well. I'm guessing a repotting with a little root trimming and fresh soil would be the right direction to let the plants be healthy. I've seen things like "bonchi" on the internet where people turn the peppers into bonsai, but I'm looking to enjoy the peppers, and would really love to have a bigger crop next season!

Thanks for your time.
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Please see this thread.
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Fantastic, thank you! How did I miss that thread?!
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Second year is great, way better than the first, third might depend on the variety, for me it wasn't that great. Rocotos and chinenses are apparently good for several years.
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Default Overwintering success

I have tried several methods including rinsing roots with new potting media and found what works best for me with plants in the house under LED grow lights.

Plants and roots are pruned back appropriately (plants to ~1' tall and roots back by 1/4 of mass.

I have Jalapeno, Golden Cayenne, Fresno and Tabasco peppers overwintering (plants in 1 gallon nursery containers). Jalapeno and Golden Cayenne are producing peppers abundantly. Plants were dug up and put in the containers with the original garden soil after spraying with neem oil twice and soaked soil with mosquito bits solution to kill any insects like aphids or soil gnats. So far so good. Watered sparsely weekly with 1/4 strength solution of MG 18-18-21 mixed in warm water.

Try the Neem Oil (a little goes a long way, follow directions for mixing, use warm water and shake well) solution sprayed on plants, left overnight and rinsed off with water then re-spray several days later and rinse again. I repeat this 3 times to ensure any aphids that did not hatch are killed. (

Drench the soil in the container with the Mosquito Bit solution and let drain before bring plants inside. This will kill all fungus gnats and larvae. If you do get fungus gnats again just repeat the process, it does not harm the plant. I use about 1/4 cup granules to 1 gallon of water, let it sit overnight to disolve, shake and water the plants. (

Good luck.
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