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Old February 21, 2020   #16
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Thank you for the descriptions. I think I'll pass as bitterness isn't something I like, no matter how healthy it is . And I'd have to bump something off the grow list to try it.

But now I know and appreciate the responses.
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I tried canning pickled bitter melon last year with a thick slice of ginger in each jar. The flavor is good, fairly pleasant actually; but the consistency is too soft for my taste. The same recipe might be good as a refrigerator pickle, a friend of ours gets good results that way. This year I'll try brining them before canning, hopefully that will increase the firmness.

While I will make some BM refrigerator pickles this year, there's not enough room in the fridge, so I need to find a way to can bitter melon that doesn't turn it to mush. It might be that some varieties are better suited to canning. Or it may be that I'll have to freeze it for the winter. Back to the lab...
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How about fermenting? Like they do with cabbage/sauerkraut. Practically any vegetable can be fermented (DH fermented green cherry tomatoes once).
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bitter gourd , bitter melon

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