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Default Looking for advice on growing micro dwarf indoors

I've never planted micro dwarf tomatoes before so I'm a complete noob.

I am hoping to grow MD cherries in my grow tent under an LED grow light with the objective of year round availability. I planted 2 seeds for each variety available from Victory Seeds in my seed tray and got 92% germination and now have the first true leaves on six ot the eleven that sprouted. My plan is to transplant into 1 gallon grow bags in the tent. The ambient temp in the tent when the light is off is 68F and 72F when the light is on. I'm hoping those conditions will serve since I really don't have anywhere else in the house that will work.

I've read just about everything I can about MDs and grow bags so I'm relatively comfortable with what I'm doing.

One question I have is whether I can transplant two seedlings to one bag or will that be too crowded.

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