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Default do you stuff and freeze tomatoes/peppers to bake later?

I have a bunch of stuffing tomatoes and peppers I'd like to put away, and I thought to prepare them and put them stuffed into a freezer bag, ready to bake.

Is this a reasonable approach?
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I have done them both ways - stuff them and freeze them and bake later or stuff them, bake them, them and defrost/eat later. Peppers stand up better to the freezing either way. I prefer to bake the stuffed tomatoes first before freezing. You get the flavour you want, although the texture of the tomato changes a bit more with the freezing/thawing.

Not sure if that's what you meant....but hope that helps.

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Never done either. BUt have frozen both and tomatoes don't do well after thawing unless for sauce in my honest opinion. Peppers do much better.

Good luck
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I get good results stuffing and freezing peppers to bake later. My experience with tomatoes says no. You'll just end up with soup ingredients.

You want to evacuate the air from your freezer bags very well. Otherwise the large volume of air will make them dehydrate and frost up very quickly which reduces the quality of the pepper.


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