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Default Roma by Weston electric Tomato strainer

Has anyone used the Weston electric? Looking to puchase either electric or hand operated for next season. My countertops don't have a lip to attach the hand crank models I have seen in my searches.
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My counters do not have the right lip either to do my back to basics. What I do is use a rickity bar stool. SOlved my problem. I just put it near my counter. it does not take up much room and I put 2 plastic bowls on it and I have enough room. All about being creative in your space. That said I would love a motorized one that sits on the counter. If I ever get huge yields I might be able to justify
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When I was growing up we didn't have counters with a lip, and my parents and grandparents used to grind pork and make sausages with a hand cranked grinder. They would simply clamp it to the end of the kitchen table. If this is an option but you're worried about the finish on the table, just put a thin board on the table. I actually use a thin, flexible cutting board to protect the counter top where I clamp my food mill and grain mill when we make beer.

Then again, if you can swing the cost of an electric one, go for it!
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