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Default Tattler canning lids

TATTLER Reusable REGULAR Canning

Are they worth the purchase and how well do they hold up? any issues with them?
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I looked at the Tattlers before. Comparing their price at about 86 cents each for ilid, seals and rings against the initial Ball lid and ring at 29 cents and 17 cents for new lids.... You would need to get a bit more than four uses on average from each Tattler with its original rubber seal to break even $ wise. Since they still rely on the rubber ring and rubber break down farly readily, I was a bit skeptical. Others who have actually used them may know from field experience.

The other thing I wasn't sure I would like... with Ball lids you can verify seal by checking the spring centers of the lids. The Tattlers can't do that. You will have to remove rings and gently pull on the lid to verify seal.

There is then the question of BPA. Ball lids do have BPA in the coating of the lid. I have no idea how much risk that presents but in our world full of plastics I figured my cannong lids were a small part of my or my wife's BPA exposure. Ball reportedly is working on BPA free lids and the moment they have them I will be very glad...


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