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Thank you very much, I was hoping that would be the case, I thought it might be.
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Brent M
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I've just grown 3 generations in about a year using a heated greenhouse and LEDs. It's easy to get 2 generations where I live in Arkansas. No longer than 4 months per generation. But, IMO, it depends on which generation you're growing. F2 needs a lot of plants for selection. This is the most important generation for selection. Would never do a winter greenhouse grow at F2.
Diversity tightens quickly after F2 though. My greenhouse grow this past winter was 10 plants at F4 and it's harder to make selections due to how the plants grow vs full summer sun. I won't do again unless I'm at F6 and feel it's pretty tight at that point. It's not worth risking all of the work prior to it IMO. But yeah, easily 2 generations in full sun is easy for me.
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