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Default Help with Harvey's List

I week or so ago I posted a list in my introduction thread and some folks suggested I add some green tomatoes which I have never tried personally and had always just figured they were "weird". I relented after some further research and added some green varieties and Steve at Heritage Tomato Seed sent me some others to try and Tatiana also sent me a bonus packet.

I am NOT looking for suggestions of other varieties to try as I already have at least twice as many than I wanted to plant. I have a commercial farm grow other crops on a medium to large scale and want to give tomatoes a small trial to market through a couple of local stands within a mile of my farm. I would like to plant at least two plants of each variety so that I have the chance to evaluate them here in lower Sacramento County. I figure I would like to plant between 5-10 plants of maybe 8-10 varieties which have the best prospect for marketing either as individual varieties or mixed baskets (particularly cherries). Please help me pick those 8-10 varieties from the following list and give me an estimate of how many pounds I might harvest from 10 plants of the selected variety on an average day during the peak harvest.

Thanks in advance,


Amazon Chocolate
Bicolor Cherry
Black Cherry
Black from Tula
Black Krim
Black Zebra
Brandywine (Sudduth's Strain)
Cassady's Follow
Cherokee Green
Cherokee Purple
Dawson's Russian Oxheart (Orange Russian 117)
Green Giant
Green Zebra Cherry
Maglia Rosa
Malakhitovaya Shkatulka
Marianna's Peace
Marlowe Charleston
Neves Azorean Red
Orange Strawberry
Portugal Tomato (see )
Purple Russian
Striped Roman
Stump of the World
Sungold F1
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Well Harvey,
How'd they all turn out?
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Hi Richard,

Blast from the past....that worked out well. My son used his tomato money to fund about $500-$600 for his Eagle Scout service project and about another $4,000 into his savings account. Things got scaled back in 2013 since he worked on staff at summer camp but we might scale back up this next year. Still undecided about that. We had about 120 SunGold plants and that was a lot of work to harvest!
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